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How Do I Learn? How Am I Clever?

Posted by eastwoldblog on February 28, 2011

As you may or may not know, we all learn and enjoy to learn in different ways.

There are lots of different ways of explaining these ‘Learning Styles’ – but I think that these 8 work well.

Body Smart (Kinaesthetic)

Word Smart (Linguistic)

Number Smart (Logical)

People Smart (Interpersonal)

Myself Smart (Intrapersonal)

Music Smart (Musical)

Picture Smart (Visual/Spatial)

Nature Smart (Naturalistic)

If you want to know more about the ways that you learn then here is a website that will give you more information and a test to give you a detailed report about YOU!

(Oh, and it makes a really cool graph too! Check mine out!)

Cool, isn’t it!

If you want a go then visit this website to try it: How Am I Clever?

Everyone will have a different chart depending on how you answer the questions.

You just need to be honest when answering the questions…

Why not print your graph out and share it with the class?

Or tell us how you got on in a comment.

Perhaps you could get your grown ups to try it, how do they learn I wonder?

Are they anything  like you?

Mr W.


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Test Your Reactions!

Posted by eastwoldblog on January 18, 2010

We were using this game to generate some decimal numbers in Maths.

Here is the link you were so keen on getting your hands on!

Sheep Dash

Tranquilize the sheep before they escape!

Are you a “Sluggish Snail”, “Ambling Armadillo”, “Bobbing Bobcat”, “Rocketing Rabbit” or a “Turbo Charged Cheetah”?

Comment you times and rating here and lets see who the fastest is?

Here is another more ’scientific’ test on another website:

Sight and Sound Reaction Test

Measure your reaction time by clicking your mouse as quickly as possible when you see a picture or hear a sound.

Your times are recorded, as well as the average time for each test.

You choose the type of test, as well as the symbols and sound.

Again comment your best time here!

Mr W.

PS: If you get an especially fast time it MUST be corroborated by a screen shot or I won’t believe you!

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