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Class 4 – Home Learning Project – Spring 2011

Posted by eastwoldblog on January 13, 2011

OK everyone, I introduced this to you in class today.

Coasts – Home Learning Project Sheet

(Download a copy above)

Last terms ‘Home Learning Project’  was such an amazing success that I thought we could try something slightly different.

This time you are going to create your own folder/file/scrapbook of tasks related to this terms topic – ‘Coasts’.

The tasks fit into different categories like KNOWLEDGE, COMPREHENSION, APPLICATION, ANALYSIS, EVALUATION and SYNTHESIS. Each of these requires you to use different skills.

You get to choose what to do and how much because each activity has a ‘Points Value’. You need to score AT LEAST 20 pts in AT LEAST 8 activities (You can score more and complete more tasks!)

The final presentation can be very personal and as long as it fulfills the instructions it will be fine!


Here are the guidelines to follow so you get this project in on time:

You must choose a minimum of 8 activities to do.   You must not do more than 3 from one section.

Your aim is to complete at least 20 points (Points in Brackets).

Think carefully about which activities you can do to balance sections and points.

You should complete the tasks and put them into a folder or a scrapbook.

This shouldn’t necessarily be a solo project, unless you want it to be of course, get the grown-ups involved too, draw upon the skills of parents, grandparents, older (or younger!) brothers and sisters. These people LOVE a challenge – but they SHOULD NOT be doing it for you!

As always, if you have any queries, questions or concerns – just ask Mr Watson.

It is to be handed in: Week Beginning 28th March 2011 (You have just over 10 weeks!)


Remember that if you ‘go the extra step’ and extend any of the challenges then BONUS POINTS will be available!

Copy and Paste from any source of information like a book, leaflet or the Internet and passing it off as your own WILL result in PENALTY POINTS!

Can you be the one to work hard and score the most points?

Good luck and I hope that you enjoy the challenge!

Mr W.


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Spring Term 2011 – Topic

Posted by eastwoldblog on January 6, 2011

Welcome back!

I hope that you have had an enjoyable and restful Christmas and New Year Holiday and are ready to get back into the swing of the new term!

Hopefully there will be lots of exciting times ahead between now and Easter and even beyond that!


This term’s topic is “COASTLINES”

This term we will be focussing on Geography rather than History.

I wonder what the answers to these questions might be?

1. What do you KNOW about Coasts?

2. What do you THINK you KNOW about Coasts?

3. Whats would you LIKE TO KNOW about Coasts?

Post your responses in the comments box…

I look forward to finding out your answers and your questions!

Mr W.

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