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Litter – A Poem by Mr Watson

Posted by eastwoldblog on May 11, 2011

I rather enjoyed the brilliant poems and commentaries that Y6 write and so I thought I would have a go too!



Chuck it, lob it, drop it and throw it!

Why bother to keep it,

Just for the sake of it?

It doesn’t matter!

I really don’t care.

If I don’t even look, it’s not even there.


Grab it, leave it, use it and abuse it!

Why bother to put it,

In a bin just to tidy it?

It’s not my problem,

I really don’t care.

If I don’t even look, it’s not even there.


Put it, pick it, recycle it and reuse it!

Should I just do it,

Just for the ease of it?

It really does matter!

If I show I care,

Even when I look, it’s not even there!

Mr Watson


About this Poem:

The best way to describe litter is to say it is waste in the wrong place. That is, rather than being placed in a bin or other waste container waste is left on the pavement, park or school field.

Litter is untidy and unsightly and can affect people’s view on the quality and safety of an area. Litter can consist of anything from a tiny sweet wrapper or an empty sandwich box to a discarded mattress in a public park. The majority of litter comes from people dropping it either on purpose or by accident, although some litter comes from other sources, for example wind-blown or natural litter.

From: http://www.eco-schools.org.uk/nine-topics/litter.aspx


I wrote this poem after having driven into work one morning past a series of fresh fly-tipping sites. There were a number of piles of household waste, builders waste as well as standard rubbish, such as plastic bottles and food packaging.

We all have a duty to dispose of litter in a responsible way. Fly-tipping and dropping rubbish on the ground is not responsible.


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