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Should UFOs be taught in Schools?

Posted by eastwoldblog on March 22, 2010

After using David Wiesner’s book “Tuesday” as inspiration for our Literacy over the past few weeks – we took it a step further and decided to think about whether or not the topic of UFOs should be taught in school.

Initially we tried to use the Internet as a source of information, but we quickly realised that there is SO MUCH information, and no way of judging if that information is factual or made up, we had to try something else!

So, after a rethink! I provided the children with a selection of reports from this website: http://ufosinschool.blogspot.com/

Created by Chestnut Literacy Set – Year 5. A class from Wellington Primary School, in Hounslow, England in 2008.

We read these reports and used a checklist of features for Discussion Texts (Arguments): Balanced Argument Checklist

We could then judge the quality of these texts and use them as a source of information for our writing.

We then planned and wrote our reports over 2 days, ensuring that we used the correct text language and features, and that we had edited and improved them.

As a way of publishing these Discussion Texts, I created our own blog to share our writing: http://theufotopic.blogspot.com/

I hope you think that they are as good as we do!

Perhaps they might even persuade you that it would be a great topic to teach!

Mr W.


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