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The More I Make Pollution

Posted by eastwoldblog on May 10, 2011

Ring, ring, ring, ring

Hi mate, you watching the footy?

I got tickets, but the new TVs arrived,

Hey turn it back on, I’m going in their in an hour,

What’s that the new cars arrived, nice and roomy,

Uses lots of fuel, what did you say?

Gary’s been arrested,

Better get down their, I’ll take the four wheel drive,

I’d love to hear more, but my life is on the go

I maybe just human, but the longer I live.

The more I make pollution.


About the poem

I wrote this poem because people are using far too much electricity and are polluting our planet. The ways people can stop this is are things as simple as low energy light bulbs, turning off the TV, sharing cars and many other low energy activities.

The man in this poem uses almost as much electricity as is physically possible. This poem is an example of the worse possible pollution. Although this poem sounds slightly exaggerated we still make a lot of pollution.

In the UK we spend 2.4 billion pounds. If every house hold in Britain had one energy saving light bulb we would save enough carbon to fill the royal Albert hall over 1,980 times. Over 900 million pounds worth of energy is wasted on people leaving machines on stand by. If every house hold in Britain were to turn the TV of at the plug when it is not in use we would save over half of that amount. If every house hold in Britain were to switch their cold appliances to energy saving cold appliances. We would save enough carbon dioxide to fill 24 million double Decker buses.


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