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BBC Radio 2 Writing Competition – 500 Words

Posted by eastwoldblog on February 2, 2011

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Chris Evans’ Blog – 500 Words

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Hello! Are you 13 years old or under? Then enter our 500 Word competition today!

As part of the BBC Year of Books, the Chris Evans Breakfast Show wants to get the children of the UK firing up their imaginations and putting pen to paper, chisel to stone, quill to parchment, or just finger to keyboard. If you are aged 13 or under, you are invited to write a short story of 500 words about any made-up subject you like and send it to us via the link below.

All the stories we receive will be read carefully. Then we will pick a Top 50 and invite them to watch the Breakfast Show being broadcast live from the Hay Festival in on Friday 3 June 2011.

We will also be giving the Top 50 stories to our expert panel of authors who will pick five finalists and an overall winner. So if you have lots of ideas and just love writing stories then why not enter now.

Attention all teachers!: Your breakfast show needs you! We want you to help us judge these amazing tales. If you would like to volunteer to read a batch of short stories then please send us your details, and the name of someone who can act as a referee for you.

As a token of our appreciation, your name will be entered into a draw and we will randomly select 25 names to receive a pair of tickets to come and watch the Chris Evans Breakfast Show live at the Hay Festival on Friday 3 June 2011.

For more information, terms and conditions and Expert advice from authors such as Anthony Horowitz visit the Radio 2 website/Chris Evans’ page:

Chris Evans’ Blog – 500 Words

This could be a fabulous opportunity to flex your writing muscles!

Mr W.


11 Responses to “BBC Radio 2 Writing Competition – 500 Words”

  1. Chelsea-Lee said

    I think it’s a great way to get children to explore their imagination.

  2. Molly said

    I’m not sure that it is a good idea.

  3. Jamie-Leigh said

    I am 8 and I go to school and we’re talking about it and so are thousands and thousands of schools!

  4. Jamie-Leigh said

    I meant 9. Sorry everybody.

  5. Saber Ali Rezai said

    The Goat and a Servant

    There was a man in a village who had a servant and a goat.
    One day the servant didn’t close the door. The goat saw the door open and went in the house and in one of the rooms, he saw his face in the mirror he thought it was another goat.
    Whenever the goat moved forward the other goat was moving forward aswell. The goat wanted to hit the mirror with his horns. Then he moved his head backwards then he quickly came forward and bashed the mirror with his horns.
    The owner and the servant heard the big bash, both of them ran to the room where the goat shuttered the mirror. The servant saw what happened.
    The servant hit the goat, the goat and owner hit the servant and kicked him out of the house!

    Saber Ali Rezai
    Class 3H
    Wednesday 16th February 2011

  6. Saber Ali Rezai said

    I hope to recieve your reply as soon as possible.
    Thank you very much.

  7. Mehdi Ali Rezai said

    Truth and lie

    Robert’s dad had a little garden and in that garden were lots of beautiful flowers which were different types of bright colours and Robert’s dad was still planting.
    One day, when Robert’s dad was coming outside, he saw one of his flowers had come off from its place. A few steps further another one of his roses was broken. Robert’s dad was calling Robert and his friends and asked them, “Who broke the flowers?”
    Everybody was silent.
    Robert’s dad could smell the flower but didn’t know which pocket it came from, therefore he didn’t know who it was. James, Robert’s brother, came forward and was trying to find the flower that he broke, (not really, because he was faking).
    He took it out of his pocket. James was very ashamed, and after that, Dad asked,”Who broke the rose?” Robert answered, “I broke the rose and the other flower aswell.”
    James got the punishment and Robert got the reward.


    Mehdi Ali Rezai

  8. Mehdi Ali Rezai said

    Please recieve my story.

    • Mr W, said

      Dear Mehdi,
      Thank you for your lovely stories.
      If you want to enter the competition, then you should go to the Radio Two website (there is a link in the post on my blog).
      This is just information for the children in my class at my school.
      Writing your stories here won’t get you an entry – I enjoyed reading them and am happy to publish them here but the competition is a big national one.
      Go to the Radio 2 website or ‘Google’ “Chris Evans 500 word Story Competition” and you will be able to enter.
      Good Luck
      Mr Watson

  9. LTN said

    A really great blog here….

  10. Danielle said

    Newton Primary School, are entering this competition. But only primary sevens I think x

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