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Tower Blaster Game

Posted by eastwoldblog on November 8, 2010

Play “Tower Blaster”

Tower Blaster Description:

This game will make you planning and thinking strategic.

You have to help to the Greeks to build a tower before the Vikings, because they started a tower building contest.


You have to help the Greeks to build a stable tower, using blocks.

They have to be placed in ascending order, which means that the higher block has to be on the bottom of the tower and the smallest has to be on top.

This tower has to be finished before the Vikings finished theirs.

You are playing using the mouse.

One click of the left button and you can choose a block between one that you see and mystery one.

Second click and you can choose a place for the block.

If you place the block successive, for example 24 above 25, you get bonus points.


 I found this while searching for some other things and ended up playing for ages!

It is simple but good fun!


Mr W.


One Response to “Tower Blaster Game”

  1. Mr W. said


    All 8 levels won…how did you do?

    Mr W.

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