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Banana Hunt – Angle Finding Game

Posted by eastwoldblog on November 8, 2010

Play “Banana Hunt”

As this week we are looking at ‘Angles’ in Numeracy, I thought I would share this game with you.

It is great for practising your estimation of angles.

All you have to do is ‘Drag the Monkey’ to where you think the specified angle size is and click on ‘Check’. You are awarded bananas according to how well you do!

Exactly right = 10

1 degree out = 8

2 degrees out = 6

3 degrees out = 4

4 degrees out = 2

5 degrees out = 1

6+ degrees out = 0

I have scored in the 80’s at my best – I am sure with practice you can match or better that!

Post your ‘honest’ scores in the comments box.

Happy ‘angling’

Mr W.


5 Responses to “Banana Hunt – Angle Finding Game”

  1. Lilly said

    My record was 34.
    I tried my best.

  2. Diane Sheldon said

    Hello there!
    It seems as though we both have a interest for the same thing.
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  3. Sahrena said

    I 💟 this game it’s so AWESOME❗

  4. katilyn said

    It doesn’t let me load it, or any game from oswego. but I really want to play

  5. eret5ttt said

    hi my score
    was 94

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