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Classical Rocks! Johann Pachelbel

Posted by eastwoldblog on October 13, 2010

Who said classical music was boring!?

recently assembly music has been Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel.

I found this while scouring youtube – Incredible stuff!

This guy is talented, he makes it seem so easy.

Lim Jeong-Hyun from South Korea is “FunTwo” the YouTube celebrity.

Classic music is boring…rubbish, watch this and tell me if you still think so!

Mr W.


5 Responses to “Classical Rocks! Johann Pachelbel”

  1. Philippa said

    I think it is really good and classical stuff is so boring and this is the sort of stuff which should be played more often. (It would be even better if there was this kind of style music for assembly!)
    I think he is awesome on the guitar.
    Thanks Philippa

  2. Zeichnis said

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  3. Zeichnis said

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  4. Viao said

    Great job.
    I did not expect this on a Wednesday.
    This is a great story.

  5. Lida said

    Good submit!

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