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Poetry Competition! Submit your Kennings!

Posted by eastwoldblog on September 17, 2010

What is a Kenning?

A kenning is a poem where the subject is described without being named.

It comes from the Norse/Viking era, where swords had names like “death-bringer” or “wound-maker”.

You can create a great “riddle poem” by describing something in different ways on the different lines.

Here are some examples:


Great runner
Food chaser
Flesh eater
Good climber
Evil predater
Brilliant killer
Day sleeper
Amazing starer

Lewis (Age 9)

Vampire Bat

Night swooper
Blood drinker
Midnight watcher
Sharp toother
Cow ripper
Gruesome fiender
Outstanding flyer
Cave dweller

Bailey (Age 9)


Sofa Ripper
Night Gardener
Cat Chaser
Fast Swimmer
People Licker
Water Drinker
Deep Sleeper
Amazing Runner

Ellie-Mae (Age 10)


Table chewer
Meat eater
Cat chaser
Loud barker
Sheep chaser
Sock ripper
Teddy stealer
Feet licker

Jaden (Age 10)

These examples were written by a couple of years ago by my old class.

The benchmark is set HIGH – Can you beat it?

Yes, you can!


So this is the competition:

1. Choose and animal

2. Write a kenning and post it here. It must be no more than 8 lines.

3. After half term we will have a look and judge the best and it will win a prize!

You can enter as many as you like!


Have fun, think creative, THINK WOW Words!

Mr W.


7 Responses to “Poetry Competition! Submit your Kennings!”

  1. David said

    But it’s not poetry… surely?

    • Mr W. said

      I think it is, as you can see clearly defined here:

      poem (n)
      1. A verbal composition designed to convey experiences, ideas, or emotions in a vivid and imaginative way, characterized by the use of language chosen for its sound and suggestive power and by the use of literary techniques such as meter, metaphor, and rhyme.
      2. A composition in verse rather than in prose.
      3. A literary composition written with an intensity or beauty of language more characteristic of poetry than of prose.
      4. A creation, object, or experience having beauty suggestive of poetry.

      By that definition, a Kenning is a Poem especially under Point 1
      Mr W.

      • Andrew said

        We worked really hard in class on these. Here is one of mine:
        A Dalek

        Sinister Soldier
        Death Bringer
        Anxious Exterminator
        Hell Hailer
        World Destroyer

  2. Hanning said

    I am very thrilled that you wrote this post.

  3. Cam said

    The content on this article is really one of the most effective materials that I’ve ever come across.
    I love your submission and I’ll appear back to look at new posts.

  4. Delrey said

    I genuinely treasure your work. Great post.

  5. Ezekiel Igbodo said

    The god of all nations
    Lord of all states
    Voice of the voiceless

    Strength of the weak
    Eyes of the blind
    You are the lion claws of the earth
    The un-slumbering eagle eyes ever awake

    Your fang,a devastating missile to injustice
    Abolisher of slave trade

    Installer of rights
    Enforcer of justice
    Light to the dark world
    Terror to the terrorist

    Spine of the human rights
    Pursuer of justice for humanity
    Slaver freer
    The land of freedom for all

    Blanket of naked
    Hope of the hopeless
    With you,opportunity is not a waste
    In you talent is celestially optimized

    Long live great fathers that begot great leaders
    With you, color is fashion
    Content is valued

    With you gender is style
    Age is number
    Religion is choice
    Freedom is full

    My eyes hope to see you someday
    My foot itches for you
    Though terrors many are in the world
    But with you all hope is not lost

    Keeper of peace
    My gentle giant
    o my greatest hero
    The fairer morale of the earth
    hope of the unborn generation
    Live on and lead on
    the greatest of the great.

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