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Question of the Week – Week 2

Posted by eastwoldblog on September 13, 2010

This week’s Question of the Week is “Why are there no 3-legged animals?”

That is animals that occur naturally with 3 legs – not like the dog in my village that has only 3 legs after a car accident!

What do you think?

Do some research and see if you can find the answer (or AN answer!).

Post it on the board in the classroom.

Remember grown ups can play too – and Mum, Dad, Gran, Grandad, Aunties and Uncles…you get the idea!

Post their answers on the board too – it is allowed! (As long as you write their name on the post-it)

Good luck

We’ll have a look on Friday.

Mr W.


One Response to “Question of the Week – Week 2”

  1. Philippa said

    I think the 3D logic game is fantastic. Yes it does test your logic you got that right! It does play with your mind but it is really fun.


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