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Maths Mania 2010

Posted by eastwoldblog on May 12, 2010

On Wednesday 12th May an intrepid team of Y5 boys, travelled to Horncastle Community Primary School to participate in the 7th and final heat of the Lincolnshire “Maths Mania” Y5 Challenge.

On arrival they were greeted by 10 other teams of Number Hungry pupils.

The brave East Wold team, persevered though taxing rounds of Estimation, Calculation, Memory, Puzzles, Mysteries and Challenges – which even Mr Watson and the gathered parents found a little tricky at times.

Mr Dunn had his laptop (but that’s cheating!)

How did our plucky boys think they had done?

By their own admission – “We don’t think we’ve done that well!”

But did they enjoy it?

A resounding “Yes” and suggestions that perhaps there was the chance to have even harder questions next year! (They can say that because of course they won’t be doing it next year!)


1st Place – St Andrew’s Primary – Woodhall Spa (41 pts)

2nd Place – East Wold Primary – Legbourne (35 pts)

3rd Place – Horncastle Community Primary – Horncastle (34 pts)

Perhaps Luke, Ben, Connor & Stephen were not very judges of their abilities after all!

So pleased and proud of you boys – a really impressive achievement!


Not quite good enough to reach the final at RAF Cranwell, but fantastic nonetheless!

Try to answer this question from the Competition:

My age is a multiple of 8.

Next year it is a multiple of 7.

How old am I?

Answers in the comments box please!

Mr W.


3 Responses to “Maths Mania 2010”

  1. Urlop said

    You surely have some agreeable thoughts and orientations.
    Your journal adds a fresh look at the subject.

  2. Stephen said


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