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Goodbye & Good Luck! (For now anyway!)

Posted by eastwoldblog on May 14, 2010

Well Class 4, that’s it!

I have reached the end of my time with you – I can’t believe how fast May has come around!

I won’t be there every day now, but I am sure that I will have a nasty little habit of turning up when you least expect me, or when Mrs Whitfield finds herself in need of someone to teach you when she is elsewhere!

I can honestly say that I have really enjoyed being part of the class and school, it is a genuinely great place to be. I just hope that you all appreciate that. You are so lucky!

Year 6, I hope you get the results you deserve – I know how hard you have all worked!

Like I have said, I’ll be back, now and again, but in the mean time I can spend a little more time with Poppy, 3 months old and getting so big!

I hope that you keep using the blog, keep checking back from time to time, as I am sure that I will add new things occasionally.

If there is something you want to see you can contact me through here to ask – I will always do my best!

Take care of yourselves and each other.

Au revoir (until next time)

Mr W.


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Maths Mania 2010

Posted by eastwoldblog on May 12, 2010

On Wednesday 12th May an intrepid team of Y5 boys, travelled to Horncastle Community Primary School to participate in the 7th and final heat of the Lincolnshire “Maths Mania” Y5 Challenge.

On arrival they were greeted by 10 other teams of Number Hungry pupils.

The brave East Wold team, persevered though taxing rounds of Estimation, Calculation, Memory, Puzzles, Mysteries and Challenges – which even Mr Watson and the gathered parents found a little tricky at times.

Mr Dunn had his laptop (but that’s cheating!)

How did our plucky boys think they had done?

By their own admission – “We don’t think we’ve done that well!”

But did they enjoy it?

A resounding “Yes” and suggestions that perhaps there was the chance to have even harder questions next year! (They can say that because of course they won’t be doing it next year!)


1st Place – St Andrew’s Primary – Woodhall Spa (41 pts)

2nd Place – East Wold Primary – Legbourne (35 pts)

3rd Place – Horncastle Community Primary – Horncastle (34 pts)

Perhaps Luke, Ben, Connor & Stephen were not very judges of their abilities after all!

So pleased and proud of you boys – a really impressive achievement!


Not quite good enough to reach the final at RAF Cranwell, but fantastic nonetheless!

Try to answer this question from the Competition:

My age is a multiple of 8.

Next year it is a multiple of 7.

How old am I?

Answers in the comments box please!

Mr W.

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General Election 2010

Posted by eastwoldblog on May 6, 2010

As today is Thursday 6th May 2010, millions of people over 18 years of age, across Great Britain and Northern Ireland will be going to Polling Stations to cast their votes for who they believe should lead our country from tomorrow.

This election is widely believed to be the closest for a long time with not only the Labour Party and Conservative Party running at the front, but the Liberal Democrats are challenging too. Tomorrow, perhaps Labour will still be in power or perhaps it will be a new party, or even a ‘Hung Parliament’, where no single party has a great enough majority to lead alone.

It is sure to be an interesting night!


To recognise this here are a couple of online activities, that you might like to try.

Virtual Tour of the Houses of Parliament: Parliament Online – Tour

If you could vote. who should you vote for?

Test your opinions here: Vote Match

What Party does www.votematch.org.uk say that you should vote for?

Mr W.

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BBC – “Questionaut” game

Posted by eastwoldblog on May 1, 2010

If you are one of those ‘Puzzle Game’ fans then I think you will enjoy this!

The BBC Revisewise site has this entertaining puzzle game – can you help the character to solve the puzzles and answer the questions?

Lots of different topic based questions for Literacy, Maths and Science (especially good for you Y6’s!)

BBC Revisewise – Questionaut

There are 8 levels to get through and some are much trickier than others!

Have fun – and tell me what your favourite level is and why!

Mr W.

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