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Publish Your Own Newspaper – Online!

Posted by eastwoldblog on March 12, 2010

MTN – Publish Your Own Newspaper

In Literacy we have been writing newspaper articles based on David Wiesner’s “Tuesday”.

We used the Tabloid Templates on the MTN (Making The News) Website to make them look like real newspapers.

We had to decide whether we were skeptical about the “Flying Frogs” or whether we were excited about it.

There have been some very “creative” results.

(Sorry girls! No matter what I do – I can’t get it to name your work! I will persevere and sort it as soon as I can!)

(Ben & Luke – There seems to be a problem with the images which you edited and they won’t load – I am on that case too!)

(Once I sort the problems – I’ll upload your work as well)

In the meantime if you want to create your own newspaper here is the link (requested by Stephen):

MTN – Publish Your Own Newspaper

Mr W.


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