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Do you have what it takes to build a planet from scratch?

Posted by eastwoldblog on March 1, 2010

Planet 10 – World Builder

You get to decide everything about your new planet!

Gases  in the atmosphere, water, land, tilt of the planet, moons, rings, life from bacteria to humans!

Can you build a stable planet or are you building a planet doomed to destruction!?

You choose!

I have always liked this activity, and I find that adults and children alike enjoy it too!

Have fun and I hope your planet works out how you want it to!

There is also the chance to investigate our solar system too – find out about each of the planets. (I am not not sure if they still include Pluto as a planet now it has been reclassified)

Mr W.


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  1. Zarema said

    Thanks for this article.
    The main thing do not forget about users, and continue in the same spirit.

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