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Post the Shapes – Another Translation/Transformation game

Posted by eastwoldblog on February 24, 2010

Post the Shapes

This is another game similar to Translation Golf – but a little more complex!

The movements are controlled in the same way as before.

Simply Rotate, Reflect and Translate the shapes.

Try to drop them down the correct holes in the least number of transformations!

Look carefully – they might be solvable in less go’s than you think!

Have fun!

Mr W.


26 Responses to “Post the Shapes – Another Translation/Transformation game”

  1. Mr W. said

    On my first go I scored – 82.5 out of 100

    I really must try harder!

    Perhaps I should practice my transformations!

  2. Lilly said

    On my first go I got 76.

  3. Emma said

    I got 82 out of 100 on this game

  4. Nina said

    I got 83 on Post the Shapes

  5. Luke said

    My highest score on this game was 85.5

  6. Andrew said

    My score was 80.

  7. Mr W. said

    OK, so not that I am being over competitive, but my latest score is 90/100 (ScreenShot provided)

  8. Emma said

    I had a go on this when I got home and I got 87 out of 100.

  9. Connor said

    I scored 88.5
    (Mr Watson & Mrs Whitfield witnessed it)

  10. Lilly said

    On my first go at home I got 80.

  11. Andrew said

    On my 2nd go I scored 88.5
    (Connor and Rupert witnessed it)

  12. Luke said

    I got 91.5!

  13. Andrew said

    My score: 89

  14. Lilly said

    I have had a go on Post the Shapes and I got 82.5.
    That is my highest so far!

  15. Atta said

    Hello, I am new on this forum.

  16. Kristian said

    I had a go at post the shapes and I got 93!
    I’m very pleased with that and that proves that children can beat adults Mr Watson!

    • Mr W. said

      I have never said that children shouldn’t be able to beat the adults!
      I think that if my score inspires you to try then I am doing my job properly!
      Well done you!

      (I will, of course, be trying to beat you when I get a spare minute!)

  17. Connor said




  18. Luke said

    I got 95.5 on Post the Shapes!

  19. Luke said

    I will bring a picture of my score on Monday.

  20. Lilly said

    On post the shapes I got 83.
    It’s slowly getting to me.

  21. Ishka said

    Super site

  22. Stephen said

    Great Game, my score was 88 first try

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