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Escapa – Focus your mind, hand and eye!

Posted by eastwoldblog on February 23, 2010

I thought that some of you might like to play this at home!


WARNING!! Seriously Addictive!

Click on the RED block

Now move the RED block to avoid crashing with the BLUE blocks.


Oh, and don’t touch the BLACK edges either.

If you can manage 18 seconds, you are a genius!

US Air Force pilots are expected to last 2 MINUTES!!

Current Records:

A Y3 lasted 10.871 seconds

A Y6 lasted 16.372 seconds

I have managed 61 seconds (but it was a long time ago and I haven’t practised recently!)

WARNING!! This game is seriously addictive!!

Play Escapa now!

Mr W.


7 Responses to “Escapa – Focus your mind, hand and eye!”

  1. Ingrid Ashton said

    Very good and very addictive!
    I can get 10 seconds

    Rupert Ashton

  2. Lilly said

    I got 10 sec on Escapa

  3. Ben said

    I got 385 seconds on Escapa!

    • Mr W. said

      I want to see a screenshot, and proof of your clearly superior abilities!
      (Oh, and proof you didn’t find some other cunning way to cheat!)

      Then, and only then I will believe you!

  4. Lilly said

    I got 11 sec and my sister got 15 sec.

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