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VCOP Big Writing Pyramid

Posted by eastwoldblog on January 25, 2010

Why not make yourself a BIG Writing VCOP Pyramid at home?

We are doing BIG Writing in school as a way to help your children develop their writing skills, by working on the basic skills of writing.

They are:

V – Vocabulary (WOW words)

C – Connectives (Words to join sentences: but, and, so, because, although etc.)

O – Openers (Different ways to start a sentence: Suddenly, Eventually, It felt as etc.)

P – Punctuation (Full stops, Capital Letters, Commas, Exclamation Marks!, Question Marks?)

Put it on your wall, desk, kitchen table, on top of the TV anywhere and use it to support your homework, and any other writing that you might do!

VCOP Pyramid

Here is an another version of the VCOP Pyramid.

VCOP Pyramid v.2Here is a link to a demonstration of the Punctuation Pyramid.

It  gives all the different types of punctuation marks and examples of sentences containing them.

Mr W.


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