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Dangle – Short Film

Posted by eastwoldblog on January 24, 2010

In literacy I am trying to use an increasingly  Visual Approach, using films, images, movie stills and short clips to inspire writing.

In BIG Writing this week we watched this short film from the BFI (British Film Institute), and talked about how you can create different sentences by looking at the different camera angles.

The children then were given a series of ’stills’ from the film and asked to write the story, thinking about what happened in the film and the different types of camera angle:

Long Shot – Looking at alot of scenery and characters in the background.

Medium Shot – A shot which shows the relationship between characters or a character and an object.

Close-Up – To show an emotion by looking at the characters face or an important detail.

EXTREME Close-Up – To show an EXTREME emotion or very fine detail.

High Angle Shot – Looking Down to look at what others are doing.

Low Angle Shot – Looking Up to demonstrate size.

Aerial Shot – Looking directly down from above

The children (especially Y6) really enjoyed it and did some brilliant writing!

Mr W.


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