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A Superhero Puzzle!

Posted by eastwoldblog on January 11, 2010

Here’s a little puzzle for you to think about!

There might even be a prize for the right answer!


Superman is different to other Superheroes like these:



The puzzle for you to solve is this…

How is Superman different to other Superheroes?

How is he unique?

I’ll give you a clue to get the thinking started…it is nothing to do with what he can do.

Have a think and leave your ideas as comments.

Remember there might even be a prize for the best right answer!

Mr W.


20 Responses to “A Superhero Puzzle!”

  1. Luke said

    Superman is different because he can only die from Kryptonite.

  2. Mr W. said

    Not quite Luke – but a good suggestion to get us started!
    Mr W.

  3. Andrew said

    Superman comes from another planet called Krypton and the others come from Earth.

    • Mr W. said

      Good try and quite a good answer.
      But not the one I am looking for!

      Keep thinking, keep trying!
      Mr W.

      • Ben said

        All of the superheroes have man at the end of their names but superman is the only one that doesnt have an animal at the beginning of his name like batman and spiderman

      • Mr W said

        Good suggestion Ben.
        But that doesn’t allow for other Superheroes like The Flash, The Shadow, Daredevil.
        Nice try, think again!
        Mr W.

  4. Andrew said

    Very good question Luke

  5. Andrew said

    I love this site!

  6. Lilly said

    I think that Superman is different because he doesn’t wear a mask.

  7. Ben said

    I don’t know how to write things on this website without replying on someone elses answer how do you do it?

    • Mr W. said

      Just leave your comment on the post.
      When I check, I’ll approve it and it will appear.
      Have patience, I don’t just sit watching the blog!
      Mr. W

  8. Ben said

    These puzzles are really good can you do some more please Thanks

  9. Ben said

    I think that Superman is different because he’s the only one who doesn’t have make up and strange coloured hair.

  10. Ben said

    Please can you tell us the answer?

  11. Lilly said

    He has a letter on his costume.

  12. Mr W. said


    Superman is Superman
    He hides as Clark Kent.

    All other Super Heroes are normal people who put on a costume and hide as the hero.
    Bruce Wayne = Batman
    Peter Parker = Spiderman etc…

    They put on masks to become the hero, whereas Superman puts on a mask (his glasses) to hide as mild-mannered Clark Kent.

    He is the only Superhero who works this way around.

    So, there you go!

    Mr W.

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