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Help Writing Poems – Just some thoughts…

Posted by eastwoldblog on January 9, 2010

I thought I would share some ideas that might help you with you poetry writing.

They aren’t rules or instructions, just some suggestions to get you started.

Mr W.

Writing Poetry

Ideas that may help you to write poetry.

  • Decide on the subject you wish to write about. Start with a familiar subject and then go on to some obscure subjects that you have previously never given much thought to.
  • Think about something special or unique to the subject.
  • List some descriptive words which may provide some clear information to the reader.
  • Try to create pictures in the reader’s mind – your aim is to fire the imagination.
  • Express your feelings.
  • Convey your feelings by the tone of your poetry.
  • Bind the words and ideas together. Connect them by the use of rhyme which will provide your poetry with the element of repetition of identical or related sounds.
  • Get some rhythm into your poetry – the number of lines and your choice of poetry form will help you with this. Song lyrics are poetry set to music – tap out the beat or rhythm when you are writing poetry, or reading poetry.
  • Visual patterns – does your written poetry create a good pattern on the page?
  • Patterns of Sound – using alliteration, assonance and onomatopoeia can create sound effects. (Sorry about the use of these words but were back to the literary terms again!).
  • Read your poetry to a friend!
  • If you receive some constructive criticism don’t be afraid to change your poetry accordingly!

And finally:

  • Enjoy yourself – Writing poetry should be fun!

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